Lifelong Learning Community

It's like crossfit for your brain


For the ones who want more than their surroundings can offer: more ideas, more connection, more smart people. We favor books over sitcoms and generosity over profit. And we don't like cat videos.


For those who believe learning doesn't stop when you finish school. Learning is our lifestyle. Only someone who stops learning really gets old.


For those who are ready to break their barriers. We're here to overcome our fears and leave our comfort zones. It’s scary and hard.
But it’s a lot less so if we do it together.

We couldn't find the right place for people like us.
So we created one.

Here's what people are saying:

It’s like having the luxury of a curated group that adds to your ideas and thoughts, and challenge them at the same time. Like a wise uncle you’d run to for advice, but it’s not an uncle, it’s a group of smart, open-minded people from all over the world.
Iulia, psychologist

I’m a little fed up with just surrounding myself with people by my side. This kind of community is awesome to be able to share moments with people all over the world!
Francisco, entrepreneur

A place for helpful tips on topics ranging from programming to family life.
Adelina, MD

Thanks to the group I got motivated to do weight training in the evening 💪💪

I belong to a third world country. I’ve always had a sense of loneliness, that nobody shares similarities and interests with me. I was following some authors, bloggers, and youtubers, but never had contact with people who shared the same values, ideas, and thoughts on all aspects of life.
Being a part of this community, I feel I have my own people, who share similarities and care for each other.
I feel less lonely now because of it. If someone in here offers a suggestion or advice, I feel as though it is in my best interest and it becomes easy to follow. Believe me, I’m doing far better than before.
Faisal, electrical engineer

The first month is on the house. No card, no fees, no risk.
Nothing to lose, but a lot to gain.

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